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A portion of Erica's Employment Contract/Letter of Appointment that specifies the basics of her position. Erica has been hired as the WWF Central Africa Regional Program Office (CARPO)'s Principal Technical Adviser (PTA) for the Dzanga-Sangha Project (DSP) in the Central African Republic (CAR). The post is based in Bayanga (CAR) and reports to the WWF-CARPO Regional Representative. I've altered the original slightly to give a taste of the acronyms used daily by Erica in her new position.
CARPO. CARPO is the WWF regional program office that oversees WWF projects throughout Central Africa (including Central African Republic, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guniea, and Chad). So the scope of CARPO is quite broad and the work that Erica is involved with is just one small part of CARPO's overall regional activities. Erica's boss is the WWF-CARPO Regional Representative Mr. Laurent Some, based at the regional office in Cameroon. The black star shows the location of Yaounde ...
DSP. The Dzanga-Sangha Project includes conservation and community development activities in the Dzanga-Sangha Special Reserve. Within the Special Reserve is the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park system which is divided into two distinct sectors, the Dzanga sector to the east of Bayanga and the Ndoki sector to the south, seperated by a communal hunting zone.
DSP Partners. The Dzanga-Sangha Project is a CAR Government project that falls under the Ministry of Water, Forests, Hunting and Fishing. The Minister assigns a CAR National Expert to be stationed in Bayanga and to be responsible for all project activities. Financial and technical support for the project are provided by WWF and GTZ (along with other donors and collaborators).
WWF. There are two WWF technical advisors associated with the project. One is the Principal Technical Advisor (Erica) who's major role is to work in collaboration with the CAR National Expert Mr. Jose MADOMI (upper left). The other is Mr. David Greer (lower right) who has worked in this region for over 8 years (mostly with Gorilla research). David works most closely with the CAR Dzanga-Sangha Conservateur Mr. Pascal REDJEHOYA (upper right).
GTZ/GFA. GTZ has commissioned the German Consulting firm GFA to implement the "Sustainable Development" component within the Dzanga-Sangha Project. With technical advice from GFA the project, in collaboration with the population and local administration, is able to impliment community development measures such as; the construction of schools, health centers, water pumps, wells and agricultural training to name a few. The Principal Technical Advisor for GFA is Mathias Heinze (left) who has many years of experience in the region. Providing ...

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Updated: 13 April 2006